During your visit, our dentist will first remove the decay from the affected tooth, and then place the white filling material. This material is made of a composite resin that can be matched to the color of your natural teeth, making the filling virtually invisible. White fillings are not only more aesthetically pleasing but also bond directly to the tooth surface, providing a strong and durable restoration.

In addition to improving the appearance of your teeth, white fillings can also help to preserve the natural structure of your tooth, providing a long-lasting solution for your oral health. Our patients who have replaced their old metal fillings with white fillings have reported significant improvement in the appearance of their smile and an increase in self-confidence. We believe in providing our patients with the best options for their dental needs and white fillings are an excellent choice for those who want to maintain both their oral health and their beautiful smile. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and learn more about how white fillings can benefit you.

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Enhance self-esteem with improved oral health and a brighter smile.

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Enhance your natural appeal with a radiant, confident smile.

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    • What should I expect during my first visit?

      During your initial appointment, we'll conduct a comprehensive dental examination. We'll evaluate your oral health, discuss any concerns you have, and create a personalised treatment plan. Our goal is to ensure your comfort and understanding throughout the process.

    • How often should I visit the dentist?

      We generally recommend scheduling a check-up and cleaning every six months. However, depending on your specific dental needs, we might suggest more frequent visits. Regular appointments are crucial for maintaining oral health and catching potential issues early.

    • How do I maintain good oral hygiene between visits?

      Good oral hygiene involves regular brushing and flossing, using fluoride toothpaste, and avoiding excessive sugar intake. We also recommend using an antiseptic mouthwash. During your visit, we can provide personalized advice and tips based on your individual oral health needs.